Apostolic Church of Queensland
Established Queensland 1886 - Registered under the "Religious, Education and Charitable Institution Act of 1861"
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Sunday School

All communities promote the participation of children as an active part of community life. Many communities provide volunteer teachers to visit state schools during the week to assist with Religious Education classes. All communities encourage the children to attend all the Church Services and activities, as well on the Sunday hold a special Sunday School where children are taught singing, prayers, Bible stories and the Apostolic Christian beliefs. Social activities for the children are also organised.

The Northern District also sponsors a postage Sunday School where children in remote areas can have sent to them on a regular basis Bible stories and children's projects. The contact for this service:

Rev. L. Daniel
MS 2265
Walkerston Qld 4751
Phone: (07) 49545267

In the Northern district a monthly children's magazine "The Pathfinder" is distributed to children attending Sunday School and is available for posting to remote areas.

The Northern District has published a new booklet for all Sunday School children to help them fully understand 'The Creation' as found in Genesis. This booklet is designed to be used as a base for projects, and encourages children to draw and colour in the various pages that follow the account of God's handiwork in creating the world we live in.

The front page of this booklet is below.

To download the full booklet in PDF format (click here)




Welcome to the Sunday School Photo Gallery.

On the Easter weekend (Good Friday night and Saturday) the annual Childrens Sunday School Muster (2018) was again held at Bundaberg.

Below are some photos of the children at various activities and games and generally having a great time.