The Apostolic Church of Queensland
Established Queensland 1886 - Registered under the "Religious, Education and Charitable Institution Act of 1861"
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Definition of the 4R Emblem.


The emblem begins with a cross which signifies the Cross of Jesus Christ, where our faith begins.


The next item is a continuous Circle around the Cross which signifies our whole faith revolves around Jesus Christ and is never ending. He is the beginning and ending of our faith.

Logo The 4 R's then take shape


And we summarise these 4 then as:

We must strive to live our lives RIGHT, according to the Bible.

We must strive to be ROYAL as a Bride to have membership with Christ the King of Kings.

We can only become RIGHTEOUS in partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ.

We are always RICH in the promises Christ gave to His Apostles and all who through the Apostle Word believe in Him.